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School Wide Behavior Program

When Learning is Interrupted… 

STEP 1: Reminder 

You are interrupting our learning.  Please self-monitor your behavior. 

STEP 2: Self-Reflection 

Watch other students self-monitor their behavior. 

Reflect on your own behavior. 

Is your body doing what it is supposed to be doing? If not, make a change. 

Take a break in the calming area if needed. 

STEP 3: Think Sheet Break 

Go to the calming area. 

Reflect on your behavior choices. 

Fill out a Think Sheet. 

Wait for the teacher to approach you and discuss your plan for success. 

Rejoin the class. 

STEP 4: Call for Intervention 

Leave with the adult that comes to get you. 

You will be taught a behavior lesson.  

The behavior lesson will be re-taught by your teacher at recess or other times for 3 days.  

You will successfully enter your classroom. 

Your parents will be contacted.