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Board of Education

LOCS Board

2019 LOCS Board of Education (Left to Right)

(Back row) Treasurer Jim Weidman, Trustee Nathan Butki, Trustee Steven Drakos, Vice-President Scott Taylor, Trustee Jake Singer

 (Front row) President Birgit McQuiston, Secretary Dana Mermell



We thank you for your contact. It is the Board of Education's practice to only respond to email with a verifiable full name, address, and phone number.


Educating our students for the challenges of today and tomorrow



Providing an exemplary education for all learners 

Board of Education Information

Board committees

Finance: Steve Drakos, Jake Singer, Jim Weidman

Policy: Nate Butki, Jake Singer, Scott Taylor

Superintendent Evaluation: Steve Drakos, Birgit McQuiston, Jim Weidman

Lamp of Learning Sponsorship: Nate Butki, Dana Mermell, Scott Taylor

Curriculum: Steve Drakos, Birgit McQuiston, Dana Mermell

Board Self-Assessment: Steve Drakos, Birgit McQuiston, Jim Weidman

Bond: Dana Mermell, Jake Singer, Scott Taylor

Committee Purpose Statements

Board representatives

Oakland Schools Budget Committee Representative: Jim Weidman; Alternate: Jake Singer

OCSBA Government Relations Committee Representative: Steve Drakos; Alternate: Nate Butki

LOCS Sexuality Education Advisory Representative: Jake Singer

LOCS Wellness Committee Representative: Birgit McQuiston

LOCS Head Start Policy Committee Representative: Dana Mermell; Alternate: Steve Drakos

LOCS Facilities Liaison: Scott Taylor

Beliefs and Policies

The Board of Education believes that: 

  • Education is the shared responsibility of students, family, school and community
  • All students can learn
  • All learners deserve equity and opportunity in their education
  • High expectations promote success
  • Exemplary education is the result of professional growth and continuous school improvement
  • All learners are entitled to a safe learning environment
  • Education promotes a healthy sense of self and encourages personal achievement
  • Learning is lifelong


The Lake Orion Board of Education is charged with setting policies that govern the Lake Orion Community Schools. The Board of Education also hires the District's Superintendent to implement and enforce those policies. Board members serve four-year, staggered terms. 

The Board of Education meets at least once a month to approve, add, or revise policies and to issue contracts and authorize payment of expenses. Board meetings also include reports from the superintendent, staff and schools. The meetings also afford an opportunity to showcase student and staff achievements. Usually held on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, the meetings are open to the public and include time for public participation.

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School Board Policies

School Board Operating Procedures