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Trustee Bill Holt

Bill Holt

Bill Holt is a parent, husband, local business owner, civic activist, charity volunteer, sailor, golfer and big Lake Orion enthusiast.

Bill's business is Tubular Products Company (TPC). TPC is an automotive fluid handling component supplier. TPC supplies tubular parts such as brake and fuel lines and associated machined components such as tube nuts. He founded the business in 1995, after 19 years in management with automotive suppliers AlliedSignal and ITT Automotive. 

Bill served as a political appointee in President Gerald Ford's Administration as a science policy advisor to the Secretary of Commerce. He moved from Washington, D.C. to Oakland County and has been working in the automobile industry since 1976.

Prior to going to Washington, Bill worked as a research chemist for UOP Inc., studying the electronic properties of catalysts during refinery and environmental application reactions. Bill has a BS degree in chemistry from the University of Illinois.

Bill is best known locally for his civic involvement. He served as President of the Greater Oakland Republican Club from 2009-2013. He also served as a volunteer for several years on the Allocations Committee of the United Way and is currently a volunteer with Spectrum Human Services.

The Holt Family resides in Orion Township. Bill and his wife, Patricia, have been married for 28 years. Their two children are both graduates of Lake Orion High School. Their son, Billy, has recently graduated from Michigan State University and their daughter, Susan, attended Oakland University.

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