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Trustee Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

A Dragon since day one, Scott Taylor is a third-generation Lake Orion resident who has lived in this community for over 48 years. He is a 1992 Lake Orion graduate and a proud father of two daughters at the high school. Scott has been happily married to Jennifer for 19 years.

Scott has partnered in several businesses throughout his career including a pizzeria, a specialty bread bakery, and a sign & graphics company. He spent seven years working at the senior management level at a corporate property tax firm and served as the Director of Business Development at Lake Orion Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for 10 years.  Scott’s latest venture is owner and operator of Sick Pizza in Oxford, Michigan.  The pizzeria opened their doors in June of 2021.  This afforded him the opportunity to live out his dream as well as allowing him to employee his daughters, niece, nephew and several lifelong friends’ children and serve the community Oxford in many ways.

Scott was highly active in the PTO at Stadium Drive Elementary, Blanche Sims Elementary and Oakview Middle School, participating and leading some fundraising efforts for the schools.  Scott enjoys cooking for large numbers of people (Chili Champion), camping, hunting, boating and celebrating life with friends and family.