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Attending a Board Meeting

Welcome to the Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education meeting information.

These are meetings of the Board for the purpose of conducting school district business and not to be considered a public community meeting.

  1. If you desire to address the Board, please sign the public participation sheet indicating your topic when you arrive.
  2. When addressing the Board:
         a. Identify yourself by name and address
         b. Indicate if you represent a group
  3. An individual’s time is limited to five minutes, but may be modified by the president.
  4. Individuals addressing the Board should take into consideration the rules of common courtesy. The public participation portion of the meeting cannot be used to make personal attacks against a school board member or school district employee which are totally unrelated to the manner in which the member or employee performs his or her duties. If the comments constitute a complaint against an employee, the employee must be notified in advance and has the right to request a closed meeting.
  5. The Board is not obligated to answer questions or make comments in response to issues raised. In general, such issues will be referred to the Superintendent.
  6. The Board reserves the right to establish additional rules or procedures that it deems appropriate. Such rules or procedures will be announced at the opening of a board meeting or prior to the discussion of a specific agenda item.

Board of Education meetings are held at the Lake Orion Community Schools Administration Building, 315 N. Lapeer Street, Lake Orion, on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month (see schedule). All meetings are open to the public except such as are adjudicatory in nature or pertain to personnel matters. An agenda for each meeting may be obtained from the superintendent 24 hours in advance of the meeting or on the web site. Any deviation from this schedule will be published in accordance with established procedure of the Board of Education pertinent to special and emergency meetings.

Meeting dates and locations are subject to change, and variations are posted on the Administration Building door and cable station, TCI Cable, Channel 22.