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Cell Out for Soldiers returning on January 18

Cell Out for Soldiers returning on January 18

Cell Out event

On January 18, Lake Orion High School’s 2,300 students will be asked to “cell out” and check-in their phones in a secure location when they enter the building that morning, with no access to them until the end of the day. 

Instead of texting, tweeting and using other social media to communicate between classes and at lunch, they will have to actually speak to each other like their peers did years ago, before the proliferation of cell phones and mobile technology.

This event raises donations for the Cell Phones for Soldiers charity.

Lake Orion High School’s student leadership program is donating $1 to Cell Phones for Soldiers for every phone secured for the day, and taking in additional donations from staff and students. This national charitable organization distributes phones to military personnel overseas, for use in calling home to their loved ones.

The leadership class feels that the sacrifice of being cell phone free for a day is a small way to showing support for the our armed forces who sacrifice daily for our freedom.

Each student participating will receive a t-shirt for the event, showing their support.

Last year's event raised nearly $7,000 and the four years of the event have raised close to $15,000.