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LOCS Communications outlets available to all families

LOCS Communications outlets

LOCS Communications Outlets

Dear Lake Orion Community Schools Families-

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! We’re off to a great start in all of our schools with engaged students and staff, dynamic learning opportunities and exciting options in all buildings.

As the year begins, we wanted to share the ways LOCS will be communicating with our families. We reach out in multiple avenues and we want to reassure that all pertinent information will be able to connect with families.

Attached is an LOCS Communications explanation you can print and save to understand how all of the district information is distributed. We’re seeking to expand our social media presence – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – offering options wherever you want to meet us.

The website ( grows as a destination for all resources at the district and school level and we will take this another step later in the year, introducing a district-wide app for all schools.

If you have any compliments or questions, please reach out at and we will answer your inquiry directly or find another LOCS staffer with more expertise in that area.

Having your children in our school district is a responsibility we embrace and that begins with communication. To give us a stronger understanding about where we meet you, please take a few minutes to fill out our communications survey.


Thank you and we’re looking forward to a wonderful school year,

LOCS Communications