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LOCS Fall 2020 Academic Proposals

LOCS Fall Proposals

LOCS Families-

As we wind down this unprecedented school year, the district administration has groups working towards the vision for next fall.

Currently, it’s unclear because we do not have the fall direction and requirements from the state of Michigan and Department of Education. As a public school district that derives the majority of its operating funding from the state, we are bound by their direction for the fall circumstances. Not knowing the parameters, the LOCS staff remains hard at work trying to craft multiple scenarios, preparing for whatever direction the state sends us. The rest of the state’s public school districts will be operating under the same guidelines.

Our primary focus remains the health and safety of our students and educating them in the most robust manner possible. That will involve operating in different ways than we have previously and our capable staff is prepared to take on whatever challenges are presented.

Please rely on LOCS for accurate information. I can assure you that no decisions have been made about health protocols for the fall. No decisions have been made about academic implementation for the fall. And no decisions have been made about extracurricular activities and plans for the fall.

Since the school buildings closed on March 13, we have informed the community about the district’s next steps as soon as they are determined. The parent and student surveys submitted last week provided helpful information on what worked from the Home Learning Plans and areas where we can improve. That’s why we asked, because we are partners in educating your children.

The scenarios in the attachment and displayed below are among the possibilities every school district in the state is exploring until receiving direction from the governor’s office. We will continue to operate as if all three (and more, if necessary) are possible until told otherwise.

We are reaching out today to share possibilities. Please accept them as we offer them, as exploratory information, not final decisions. When those final plans solidify, we will let you know.

We all are working toward the same goal, to provide the best education for your students. We reach that goal year after year and will continue to strive for that.


Thank you,

Marion Ginopolis

LOCS Superintendent

LOCS Fall Proposals