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National Principals Month

LOCS principals

Everyone plays a role in making Lake Orion Community Schools into an elite school district.

The school principals play the most visible role, wearing countless hats.

They're counselor and caregiver, director and disciplinarian, organizer and observer. They're available to assist, engaged, attentive and compassionate.

We're fortunate to have a group reflecting the high standards of LOCS and though we should thank them every month, October is designated to specifically recognize them.

So thank you to our school and program leaders: 

Stephen Hawley (Lake Orion High School), Kristin Sliwinski (Learning Options High School), Sarah Perry (Oakview Middle School), Dan Haas (Scripps Middle School), Randy Groya (Waldon Middle School), Ken Nuss (Blanche Sims Elementary), Adam Weldon (Carpenter Elementary), Jillian Knapp (Orion Oaks Elementary), Lauren Smith (Paint Creek Elementary), Gretchen Hynes (Stadium Drive Elementary), Jennifer Goethals (Webber Elementary), Jamie Evans (Pine Tree Center) and Kim McLean (Early Childhood Center.)

LOCS principals