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Superintendent Search Suspended

Supt. Search Timeline

Dear LOCS community-

In this shifting landscape due to the COVID-19 spread, many organizations have had to make unanticipated decisions.

Here in LOCS, the Board of Education has decided to suspend the Superintendent Search indefinitely.

The virus has thrown an unanticipated wrench into many lives and most of our candidates have responsibilities within their current districts of employment. As much as we appreciate their interest in LOCS, we understand taking care of their current students (and their personal families) should be a more immediate priority and warrants all of their attention.

From our end, it would be difficult to conduct such an important process in the most thorough manner possible, given the circumstances. Social distancing would prevent the in-person interview process in the way we intended, our board members would not be able to take site visits with schools closed and the prospective candidates would be prevented from seeing all the wonderful daily activities that make LOCS such an attractive place to work.

Pausing such an important moment for our district is not a decision the Board takes lightly. We understand it’s a critical task finding a Superintendent to keep LOCS as one of Michigan’s premier school districts.

That’s why this pause is essential, to ensure we end up with the most committed and talented Superintendent possible.

We will continue to update the process as there are developments.

For now, please stay safe with your families.



Jim Weidman

President, Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education