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Carpenter Students Restore Mini Bike

student on mini bike

Carpenter siblings Macey and Weston were given an old, worn down mini bike frame with a motor that needed replacing. Although they knew it would be a lot of work to restore the bike, they looked forward to pushing through the challenges and looked at it as an awesome learning opportunity with a huge reward at the end. First, they had to make a frame jig in order to straighten the frame. From there, they had to modify the frame to fit a larger engine. Macey and Weston both took turns learning how to operate a lathe in order to build a longer front end. Once everything was assembled and they knew the bike was running, it was time for paint!  Overall they learned how to cut metal, measure pieces for making parts, run a lathe, and paint their very own bike. Afterward, they were able to bring their bike to an empty lot and take it out for a run. Macey and Weston were able to see how their hard work pays off and they learned some great real life skills.   

restored mini bike