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Market Day at Carpenter

Market Day at Carpenter

Since the beginning of the year, students in Mrs. Broth's and Mrs. West's classrooms have been earning Star and Bug Bucks for their classroom jobs, for completing Study Buddy Coupons, and for earning Green Dojo Points for good behavior. 

market boys

Over the past few weeks, students used their creativity and imagination to create a product or service at home to sell.  They used their Star and Bug Bucks to pay for their “overhead” costs to run their business. The products could NOT be store bought. They had to think of supply and demand when deciding on the price and quantity of their product or service. 

market student
Today was the day they have been waiting for-Market Day! Students acted as producers and “sold” their product or service.   They also acted as consumers and “bought” products or services that other students created. 

It has been a fun way to learn about economics!