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Khan Academy for SAT/PSAT Practice

Khan Academy for SAT/PSAT Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of the SAT and PSAT examinations last spring.  However, the Class of 2021 is scheduled to take the SAT at LOHS on Wednesday, October 14, with other grades taking their respective PSAT examinations on Tuesday, October 29. More information will be sent soon from LOHS on these examinations.

Due to the disruptions to school for the past several months, some students may feel “rusty” in some areas that will be assessed on these examinations.  However, the current Remote Learning schedule allows students significant amounts of time to work not only on their LOHS classes, but also to improve and refresh their skills in preparation for the SAT and PSAT. 

Official SAT Practice Improvement Statistics

Khan Academy is an official, completely free, and personalized SAT/PSAT practice platform.  All LOHS students are encouraged to login to Khan Academy Official SAT Practice in order to do their best on exam day.   

Khan Academy Official SAT Practice 

Students should link their College Board (SAT) and Khan Academy accounts to ensure that this practice is personally-tailored to meet the student’s needs.   

Instructions on Linking College Board and Khan Academy Accounts 

Since students will likely be required to wear a mask on test day, it is also recommended that students take at least one Official SAT Practice test while wearing a face mask prior to test day.  

Official SAT Practice Tests 

Students should contact their LOHS counselor if they have any questions about the upcoming SAT and PSAT examinations.