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LOHS 2020 Yearbook Wins a Spartan

Yearbook Cover 2020

Even in the middle of a pandemic, the 2020 Dragon Yearbook staff was able to produce an award-winning yearbook. 

The 2020 Dragon Yearbook won a Spartan! The highest award in the state!

With 940/1000 points, the judge had many positive things to say about the book. Additionally, the Yearbook won a commendation for COVERAGE! This is the most important aspect of a yearbook - trying to cover everything and everyone. The Dragon Yearbook takes it seriously and the fact that a judge recognizes that makes all of the Yearbook staff's hard work worth it.

MIPA utilizes judges from out-of-state "who have built a national reputation for excellence." The Yearbook never has the same judge from year to year, yet the Yearbook manages to impress these judges from around the country time and again. 

The 2020 Dragon Yearbook staff includes:

Hannah Michalik - Editor in Chief

Spencer Hazel - Editor in Chief

Kaitlin Dolland - Editor

Sammi Murphy - Editor

Tara Koncelik - Editor 

Lizzie Donoghue - Editor

Olivia Styma - Index Editor

Kade Manzo - Index Editor

Katelyn Creech - Graphic Artist

Corinne Kotch - Editor

Rylee Begg - Photographer

Lydia Hanson - Photographer

Victoria Hodges - Photographer

Kong Saichua - Photographer

Kelly Sharpe - Photographer

Mikayla Deyoung-Laughlin - Photographer

Gabrielle Ahlborn - Copy Editor

Chloe Halverson - Writer

Lukas Conrad - Writer

Rachel Eisenhardt - Writer

Solana Jones - Writer

Paige Lagerquist - Business Team

Taylor Grille - Business Team

LaKenya Manns - Business Team

Mrs. Stephanie Orth - Teacher/Advisor

The LOHS Yearbook offers its thanks to everyone who supports the Yearbook staff. The staff knows it's not easy having them interrupt classes to get a photo or interview, but the LOHS staff's willingness to work with the Yearbook allows them to get the coverage needed to accurately document the school year. THANK YOU!