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Pine Tree Center Students Become Published Authors

Pine Tree Center Students Become Published Authors

Students in the EI program at Pine Tree Center have become published authors through a national student publishing program. As part of the publishing process, students in grades 5-8 planned, wrote and illustrated their own book using a free publishing kit provided by Studentreasures Publishing.  The topic of their book was “All About…” which highlights different topics of which students are ‘experts’. 

The students in Diana Schick’s ELA class have been working hard on their books for the past 6 weeks. The idea for the book was created by the students themselves.  

“This is the second year we have published books as a classroom,” said Schick. “The students enjoy this project, and it motivates them to become better writers because they are writing for a specific audience and a real purpose.” 

The Studentreasures publishing program provides teachers an easy way to incorporate any lesson plan – from math and science to history, art, and more – into a fun and memorable activity. Publishing a book in the classroom engages students through hands-on learning and inspires a love of reading and writing.  

The best part? A classroom full of proud, smiling young authors, with a memory that lasts a lifetime, plus, a full-color, deluxe hardcover book for the teacher or school library. The students were each provided a copy of these unique, childhood keepsakes.  

Working on books Teacher with student holding book