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Scripps Band Students Performed Solo & Ensemble

Scripps Band Students Performed Solo & Ensemble

On Saturday, April 13th, 88 Scripps Middle School Band students participated in 68 events  Solo and Ensemble Festival at Oakview Middle School. Scripps had the largest number of events of all schools participating in the Festival.  68% of the Scripps Band events earned the highest rating possible.


The following Scripps Band students received a First Division rating and a blue medal:

(many of these events received straight A’s from their judge.)

Cate C., flute solo

Poorani A., flute solo

Paige P., flute solo

Lataya W., flute solo

Dori S., flute solo

Saanvi B., oboe solo

Collin S., bassoon solo

Sydney M., clarinet solo

Aref A., clarinet solo

Addison I., bass clarinet solo

Ethan D., bass clarinet solo

Olivia E., baritone saxophone solo

Eddie. C., trumpet solo

Maddie D., trumpet solo

Liza B., trumpet solo

Elijah A., trumpet solo

Ben F., horn solo

Danny G., trombone solo

Seth A., euphonium solo

Kaitlyn C., tuba solo

Isaac F., snare drum solo

Ella S., string bass solo

Lindsay S,. piano solo

Neveah J. and Jordan B., flute duet

Paige P. and Madison B., flute duet

Lataya W., flute and Saanvi B., oboe, duet

Maya R. and Gillian Z., clarinet duet

Justin A., clarinet and Toby A., alto saxophone, duet

Logan P., trumpet and Rohan T., alto saxophone, duet

Kaden B., clarinet and Keegan M., baritone saxophone, duet

Sofia G. and Liza B., trumpet duet

Cate C., flute and Ben F.. horn, duet

Paige P., Cate C., and Poorani A.., flute trio

Valerie M., Kayleigh C., and Alex G., flute trio

Collin S., Rohan T. and Grady T., woodwind trio

Valerie M., Maya R. and Brecken S., woodwind trio

Eddie C., Maddie D. and Brooke R., trumpet trio

Andre B. , Carlo F., and Cole T., brass trio

Cole K., Carson B., and Jack M., mixed trio

Reese C., Adam H., Andrew H., and Alejandro G., woodwind quartet

Saanvi B., Lataya W., Angelia H. and Lauren M., woodwind quartet

Kaden C., Reese C., Cole T. and Andre B., brass quartet

Ethan M., Colby L., Logan P., and Logan P., brass quartet

Evan D., Evan K. and Yuki N., percussion trio

Evan D., Evan K., Yuki N., Drew H. and Matthew P., percussion quintet


The following events earned a Second Division rating, and a red medal:

Andrew S., trumpet solo

Sofia G., trumpet solo

Colby L., euphonium solo

Colin S., tuba solo

Trent H., marimba solo

Drew B., marimba solo

Lindsay S., snare drum solo

Justin N., snare drum solo

Dori Z. and Kayleigh C., flute duet

Alex G. flute and Allison H., clarinet, duet

Brynn L., bass clarinet and Ava N., alto saxophone, duet

Kyle P. trumpet and Jacob B., trombone, duet

Colin J. trombone, and Eddie C., trumpet, duet

Kaitlyn C. tuba and Sofia G., trumpet, duet

Ethan I. and Jacob B., trombone duet

Meghan M. and Ana M., trombone duet

Andre B, trombone and Cole T., euphonium, duet

Alejandro G. and Justin N., mixed duet

Sydney M., Anastasia G. and Sruthi K., clarinet trio

Carson B., Isaac F., Christopher M. and Alden C., brass quartet


Also participating were:

Andrew S. and Connor H., trumpet duet

Colby L. and Luis H., trumpet duet

Paavo N., Antonio G., Peter F., Koal S., and Liam O., brass quintet


Please congratulate the students on their fine accomplishments!