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What if...?

What if...?

In March of 1994, Michigan voters approved the Michigan Education Finance Amendment, known as Proposal A. Since then, schools are funded through a per-pupil allocation from the state based on the number of students enrolled each year; these dollars are for the educational operations of the school district.

The per-pupil amount does not provide funding for major capital improvements such as those identified in the LOCS Bond Proposal. The only way our community can make these kinds of improvements to their schools is through a vote of the residents.

LOCS residents have asked, “what if” the Bond proposal in the November 6 election is not successful? There are some critical improvements that must be made to the district facilities for safety/security, technology infrastructure, and operational systems. Funding to make these improvements would come from the general operating budget, which will result in significant reductions in the district educational programs.

In other words, in order to finance the most urgent improvements, there would be cuts and reductions at all levels. Some examples of these include administrators/teachers/support staff, increased class size and split classes, reductions in special classes, art, music, physical education, band/co-curricular/extra-curricular, athletic offerings, elimination of the middle school teaming concept and high school block schedule.

These are not a determined outcome, just the potential result. The Bond Proposal, which will finance major facility projects, is designed to sustain and enhance these programs that make LOCS unique.

Please visit  for transparent and accurate information about the Bond Proposal.