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Text Organizational Chart

Board of Education

  •  Jim Weidman, President
  • Birgit McQuiston, Vice-President
  • Steve Drakos, Secretary
  • Jake Singer, Treasurer
  • Danielle Bresett, Trustee
  • Susan Flaherty, Trustee
  • Scott Taylor, Trustee


Administration/Human Resources/Business and Finance

  • Ben Kirby, Superintendent
    • Heidi Mercer, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    • Rick Arnett, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
      • Alison Doane, Pupil Accounting Specialist
      • Shannon Lewis, Human Resources Specialist
    • John Fitzgerald, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance
      • Andrea Curtis, Director of Business and Finance
      • Wes Goodman, Director of Operations
      • Monica Kaplan, Director of Food Service
      • Pam King, Director of Transportation
    • Mark Snyder, Director of Communications and Marketing
    • Julie Olko, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent


Teaching and Learning

  • Heidi Mercer, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
    • Kerri Anderson, Director of Curriculum, Elementary
    • Drew Towlerton, Director of Curriculum, Secondary
    • Kim McLean, Director of Early Childhood
    • Lori McGraw, Enrichment Services Supervisor
    • Tom Matteson, Senior Technology Coordinator – Oakland Schools
    • Craig Schoon, Technology Coordinator
    • Kristin Sliwinski, Learning Options Supervisor
    • Jamie Evans, Pine Tree Center Supervisor


  • Dr. Dan Haas, Lake Orion High School Principal
    • Anthony Palmeri, Assistant Principal
    • Jason Larsen, Assistant Principal
    • Rosa Everitt, Assistant Principal
    • Vernon Burden, Assistant Principal
  • Sarah Perry, Oakview Middle School Principal
    • Nick Coccia, Assistant Principal
  • TBA, Scripps Middle School Principal
    • Dave McKay, Assistant Principal
  • Dr. Randy Groya, Waldon Middle School Principal
    • Sara Wendland, Assistant Principal
  • Ken Nuss, Blanche Sims Elementary Principal
  • Adam Weldon, Carpenter Elementary Principal
  • Jillian Knapp, Orion Oaks Elementary Principal
  • Lauren Smith, Paint Creek Elementary Principal
  • Gretchen Hynes, Stadium Drive Elementary Principal
  • Jennifer Goethals, Webber Elementary Principal