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Returning Student Information

Returning Student Information 2023-24

If your student was an active LOCS student through June 2023, then you will receive an email from your child’s school containing a specific snapcode to complete the returning student information.  Please follow the directions provided in the snapcode email.

If your student left the district and needs to re-enroll with us, please return to the previous page to select and submit a New Student Enrollment to reactivate your student for the new school year.  All enrollment requirements must be submitted for re-enrollment.

New Enrollments since mid-July will not receive a snapcode due to the recent submission.

Example of the snapcode email:

We are excited for the 2023-24 school year to begin!  Please confirm your student’s information through our online Returning Student Information system.  This process replaces paper forms sent home at the beginning of the school year.  Your Returning Student Information for your student at Lake Orion Community Schools is now available online.

(NOTE: LOHS and Learning Options snapcodes will be mailed the week of August 7. The middle schools, elementary schools and Pine Tree Center will email snapcodes the week of August 14.)

Please pay close attention to the questions and the formatting of the answers as you verify your student’s data.  Do you have an address change?  We have a form for that!  Follow the instructions found in the Returning Student Information address sections.

Tips For Best Results

·       Use a computer and not a cell phone or iPad/Tablet

·       Clear your caches and cookies in your computer settings

·       Use Google Chrome, and watch the formatting of dates, phone numbers, etc.


Returning Student Information 2023-24 (LOHS now available; All others schools week of August 14)