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Special Education

Special education

Lake Orion Community Schools' Special Education Department is comprised of 150 teachers, paraprofessionals and reading interventionists who are committed to ensuring every minute of instruction counts when working with the district’s 950-plus students with disabilities.

The district offers a full continuum of programs designed to meet the individual needs of eligible students from birth through age 26 who attend a public or approved private school within its boundaries. Learn more about what a specific learning disability is and how children are evaluated through the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses.

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Program strengths

Unmatched Dedication

Our professionals live by the creed of never giving up on a student who wants to learn, no matter what challenges he or she faces. Their expectations for each student are high, while they provide valuable encouragement every day to recognize even the smallest accomplishments.

To best prepare for working with individual students, Lake Orion Community Schools’ special education instructors meet regularly to leverage their combined creativity and problem-solving capabilities.  They also rely on research and educational best practices to develop proven solutions that help their students achieve.  Learning never ends for our staff, either, with every member participating in rigorous and rewarding professional development.


Community Focus

Students in the LOCS special education program can succeed here, no matter what their learning disability.  We offer a broad range of programming, including autism spectrum disorder (ASD), cognitive impairment (CI), emotional impairment (EI), early childhood and post-secondary offerings. This enables students who live in our community to stay here to learn and be proud Dragons.


Recognized Results

The special education curriculum primarily focuses on reading and math, with instruction provided in traditional classrooms as well as resource room settings in each of our 11 schools. This approach has fostered unmatched student success. In fact, our Early Literacy Intervention Program for kindergarten and first grade students received “Education Excellence” awards from the Michigan Association of School Boards and Oakland Schools, the intermediate school district.

Project Find/Dragonflies

Evaluations, programs and services are available to individuals who are identified as having, or suspected of having, a disability as defined in either the Individuals for Disabilities Education Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. These services are available to eligible persons ages 0-26 who reside, or attend K-12 schools, within the Lake Orion Community Schools. Referrals are accepted. For more information contact the Student Services Department, (248) 693-5430.

Natalie Kulikowski
Natalie Kulikowski

Director of Special Education


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Angela Fox
Special Education Secretary

Community Education Resource Center
455 E Scripps Rd.
Lake Orion, Mich. 48360

Phone: 248-693-5436 (Option 7)

Office hours: 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

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