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Parent Advisory Committee

What is PAC

The Parent Advisory Committee is a State Rule mandated committee which provides advisory input on matters regarding improvement of special education services with the ISD

The PAC is:

◦a committee of parents of students with disabilities of a particular intermediate school district appointed by the local school board of that district under R 340.1838.

Perks of PAC

  • Participated in Work Group for Center Programming
  • Participated on PAC Board as Secretary and President Elect
  • Ideas for Programming and Family Activities
  • Attended Annual CEC Conference in Grand Rapids
  • Bigger pool of resources-ie-finding right eye doctor for my child
  • Awareness of current legislation that can affect our kids-frequently at meeting we discuss legislation in Lansing pertaining to Special Education
  • Learning broad range of Spec Needs-ie traumatic brain injury, what defines it and how teachers can recognize it
  • Often called on to be Parent Advocates for families who have little or no support

LOCS PAC Representatives

Jennifer Grant

Michele Hafeli

Learning and Leading Together

Theme of the Oakland Schools PAC

  • Ensure the distribution of information and resources for all levels of special education
  • Establish local district PACs
  • Partner with our local districts to provide informational and educational opportunities for parents of students with IEPs

What it Means to be Part of PAC

Awareness of Parent Educational Opportunities-

Oakland Schools present numerous Parent Education Presentations.  Allows us to inform parents in our district.

Awareness of Parent Resources-Better able to learn about new resources as become available throughout county

Wide range of information about various Cognitive, Emotional and Developmental Disorders providing us, as Reps, ability to assist parents in District with more than just our own child’s disability.

Common Advocacy Resources