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PHASES Program

PHASES students


Lake Orion Community Schools is proud of the PHASES program, the district's commitment to special needs education from ages 18-26.

PHASES (Post High School Adults Seeking Everyday Skills) educates students to live and interact in the general community. They learn life operations and hold jobs in the surrounding area businesses.

Every day is a unique experience, as seen below in a PHASES class, using the kitchen and learning to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The kitchen is part of an apartment within the school facility, where living skills are also enhanced.



The Lake Orion Community Schools PHASES Program, serving post-secondary aged adults, believe all persons regardless of their disability, have the right to enjoy the same full range of life experiences as those in their community.

It is our mission to promote students’ personal growth and development of life skills, and to provide access to the community, while identifying and meeting the students’ diverse needs. Our mission is to work cooperatively with students, families, and the community in order to effectively help each student reach his or her potential, and complete a successful transition into adult life.

Based on students’ interest, learning and strengths, our mission is to assist students in linking classroom learning with life experience and independence. We believe that each person who desire to live and work in their community can be successful.

Four Level System

Addresses the skills needed for students to become independent adults

Area of focus:

· Work Place Habits

· Work Place Attendance

· Hygiene

· Laundry

· Food

· Nutrition

· Health

· Medical

· Cleaning etc..

· Computer and Technology

· Transportation

· Schedules

· Recreation and Leisure

· Phone Skills

· Money

· Money Management

· Reading

Daily Schedule

Students daily schedule includes:

  • PAES Lab (vocational skills development)
  • Apartment: cooking, cleaning, hanging clothes, folding, bed making
  • Laundry: sorting, washing, drying
  • Money Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Leisure Activities—taking turns, asking to join a group, asking someone to play a game, being a good sport
  • Physical Education and Activity Time (walking, basketball, etc.)
  • Computer Skills
  • Human Sexuality and Reproduction
  • Job Skills—application, interview, resume, work attitudes
  • Nutrition
  • Work Based Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my student graduate with a diploma?

A: No, upon completion of the program, they will receive a Certificate of Completion

Q: Will you get my child a paid job?

A: Our goal is to give them experiences in developing appropriate work habits. Your child’s best advocate for getting a paid position is themselves and you.

Q: Will my student receive ancillary services?

A: This is decided on a case by case basis

Q: Does my student have to attend until they are of age limit?

A: No, students, guardians and staff can make a decision that they are ready to leave early.

Q: Do you teach academics in the traditional sense?

A:  No, we teach academics as they relate to community living and job skills. For example, reading is completing important documents; math is maintaining a checking account.

Q: Will my student be left alone on a internship site?

A: This is dependent upon student’s level of independence as well as the company.