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ELL (English Language Learner)

English Language Learner


The English Learners program is open to all foreign-born students, any student who has a second language spoken in the home or anyone whose primary language is not English. A Home Language Survey is completed at the time of Enrollment. All students who enroll in Lake Orion Schools in one of the above areas are assessed in their English proficiency.

The program is administered by certified teachers. English Learner staff is assigned to each of the buildings. Every teacher has received training in working with English Learner students and the necessary assessments. English Learner staff development is on a continual basis. Jackie Moase-Burke, the English Learner consultant through Oakland Schools has been instrumental in setting up our program and ensuring we are compliant with OCR and Title III rules and regulations. Staff attend State and National conferences, and local workshops pertinent to English Learner's teaching strategies, curriculum and assessments.