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District Assigned Device Information

Here is the place for all the information regarding the district initiative about 1:1 device.  The 1:1 Handbook will cover information about care for devices, optional device protection coverage, some general frequently asked questions, example of the form(s) that need to be filled out, and any costs associated with protection coverage.

In order to secure a device a 1:1 student device contract needs to be completed.  A sample form is located in the (PDF)1:1 Handbook link below.  

Digital Handbook

(Digital) 1:1 Handbook 


(PDF)1:1 PDF Handbook




Steps to receive a district assigned device:

In order to complete the digital form you will need your student(s) student ID.  That information will also be sent, or has been sent, to each family using school messenger.  Once you have your student(s) ID you may complete the 1:1 student contract for each individual student.  

Step 1 (Requirement):

1) Locate the email that was sent.  The subject line should read "Lake Orion 1:1 Student Contract".  Within the email their will be an URL link one can click on to digital sign the agreement form.  

Step 2 (Optional):

If you choose to purchase the optional device protection coverage in case of damage to the device during the school year then you will need to complete the registration form and payment.  All the information on device protection coverage program can be found on the Protection Coverage Info page of the website here.


Digital Version of the 1:1 Handbook(Best viewed full screen)