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Protection Coverage Info

Lake Orion Community Schools(LOCS) offers an optional protection coverage for district assigned iPads and laptops.  LOCS also recognizes multiple costs for a family might be a deterrent so a family or household maximum dollar amount is also available.  

To cover each device in the household you would need to purchase coverage for each individual device.  The family plan will only be an option once you add up the total of all the optional coverage you would like to purchase and that dollar amount is greater than $174.50 which is the maximum.  Once the dollar amount for all the devices you want covered in your home is greater than the maximum cap you may use the Family Plan payment option

All the information about the optional device protection coverage is located below and in the 1:1 device handbook.  If you have not located our 1:1 device handbook section it is located on our website here

Here is the link to information just about the (PDF)Optional Device Coverage Information.



** Second Registration Window Open from January 14th - January 31st, 2002 Midnight **

To register there are two steps:

In order to complete the digital form you will need your student(s) student ID.  That information will also be sent to each family using school messenger.  Once you have your student(s) ID you may complete the device protection coverage registration form.  

1) If you have multiple devices to cover a completed form for  each student and device needs to be completed.  This also means that individual payments will need to be completed for each device and student being covered as well. 

** Now Closed ** Registration Form ** Now Closed **

If paying by check you can write ONE check for the total cost if covering multiple devices.  However, please note to whom the coverage should apply to if paying for more than one student.  Checks should be made out:

"Lake Orion Community Schools" or "LOCS"

The mailing address is:

CERC - Technology
Attn: Device Protection
455 E. Scripps Road
Lake Orion, MI 48360

**** If the total cost of the coverage exceeds the maximum of $174.50 then please use the Family/Household coverage payment link if paying by credit card located in the email. ***