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Technology terms


Laptop computer


Netbooks are small portable computing devices that are great for surfing the Web and checking e-mail. What differentiates a netbook from a notebook is its physical size and computing power.


A small computer that has a touch screen as well as wireless capability.


Wifi is the technology that allows a computing device to wirelessly connect to the internet via a signal being given out by a router at a certain location.

3G/4G Networks

These are short for 3rd and 4th Generation cellular standards. It refers to the transmission rate for both speech and data established by carriers through interconnecting cellular towers. 3G and 4G items can be cell phones or other computing devices.


Short for applications, apps are software that can be downloaded to any electronic device. The term is most often referring to apps that are purchased for cell phones, iPods or iPads.

Video conferencing

By using video conferencing equipment, students can take a field trip without ever leaving their classroom. Some examples of conferences that have taken place in Lake Orion are: Cranbrook's Bat House, NASA, a live autopsy, Mrs. Claus at the North Pole, and many other classroom to classroom experiences.

Interactive conferencing

These are whiteboards that are also touch screens. They allow teachers to create lessons that are interactive so that students can actively participate in their own learning.



Cyberbullying is a new and growing form of bullying that has emerged with the advent of technology. It involves the sending of offensive, humiliating, or threatening messages or images through a computer or cell phone.


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos through mobile phones. It is illegal to send or even be in the possession of nude photos of minors. Teenagers have been prosecuted for sexting.


A touch screen computer made by Apple. These can be purchased as Wifi or 3G capable. Music and apps can be purchased and loaded using iTunes

iPod Touch

In the simplest terms, an iPod Touch is an iPhone without the ability to make phone calls. The iTouch is a mini-computer equipped with wifi capabilities. Music and apps can be added using iTunes.


iPods are the iGeneration's walkman. Music can be loaded onto the iPod. It does not have other computer capabilities.


These allow for books to be loaded and read. Most brands can hold up to 500 books. Examples of products currently on the market are Kindle, Nook, and Sony


Moodle is an online environment set up by teachers where they can post assignments, have students take quizzes, participate in online discussions and much more

Microsoft 365

The education version that Lake Orion Community Schools utilizes allows students to save their documents, PowerPoints, and spreadsheets on the internet so that they can access them from anywhere at anytime. They can also collaborate with their peers and their teachers by sharing their work. This allows Lake Orion to become a more paperless educational environment.

RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication - This allows users who utilize a feed reader such as Google Reader or Bloglines to receive updates without having to return to the original blog website.