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Lake Orion Community Schools has a long history of successful students who have achieved well beyond their time in the school system. Each has a unique story and elicits pride from the community.

In 2017, Lake Orion High School opened a Wall of Excellence to highlight them all, by inducting its first class.

One of the first inductees was astronaut Drew Feustel, who connected with current LOHS students via a downlink in April 2018.

Other Wall of Excellence inductees include WWJ broadcaster Greg Bowman (1971), retired Navy commander James Ramirez (1986), retired Marines colonel Daniel Choike (1977), former GM CEO Fritz Henderson (1976), former Orion Schools teacher Blanche Sims (1895), martial arts champion Dr. Ron Tripp (1971), musician John Upton (2008), fashion designer Caroline Swierszczyk (2004), and scientist and inventor Bo Zhao (2000).

The Wall will grow, inducting a new class annually.

Many other former Dragons are making their mark as well.

Prominent alums by decade

Current LOHS Staff members

  • Athletic trainer Chelsea Hanning (2003)
  • Vocal coach Halie Watt (2003)
  • Counseling Secretary Lynne Kniess (1986)
  • Athletic Director Chris Bell (1986)


  • Monty Gallaher (1989)
  • Dave Whitaker (1990)
  • Melissa McSweeney (1990) 
  • Roger Smith (1994)
  • Cathy Srock (2002)
  • Brooke Reichert (2005)
  • Sam Rimi (2005)
  • Vincent Booker (2010)
  • Rebecca Booker (2010)
  • Kaitlin Kogut (2010)