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Bond Projects

Capital Improvement Project Map

Below is an interactive map showing the initial capital improvement projects that will be completed in the first series (2019-21) thanks to the successful passage of the 2018 Lake Orion Community Schools Bond Election.

In addition to these capital improvement projects, all schools within the LOCS will receive facility improvements.

The district also has committees focused on expanded STEM spaces in each elementary building, modern learning spaces with new furniture, and improved technology throughout the district.

Click on each school to learn more about that school and the improvement project planned for that school.

LOCS Bond 2020 Projects


  • Elementary Pilot (January-September 2020)
    • Classroom furniture installed prior to the fall 2021 start of school
  • Office furniture for Orion Oaks/Carpenter/Webber (January-February 2020)
    • Orion Oaks, Carpenter, and Webber implemented in fall 2020
    • Paint Creek and Stadium Drive implemented in fall 2021
  • Elementary Media Productions (January-February 2020)
    • Orion Oaks and Carpenter implemented fall 2020
    • Others in fall 2021
  • STEM (January-February 2020 for Carpenter and Orion Oaks)
    • Carpenter and Orion Oaks implemented in fall 2020
    • Webber in 2021
    • Others with construction of STEM space
  • ECC (February/March-September 2020)
    • Implemented fall 2021
  • Media Centers (March/April-September 2020)
    • Implemented fall 2021
    • Carpenter and Orion Oaks after building renovations
    • Paint Creek and Stadium Drive prior to renovations
    • Blanche Sims when new building opens
  • MS/HS Pilot (February-June 2021)
    • Follow same process as elementaries (tours, designer meetings, pilots) 
    • Pilots organized by content area
    • Implemented for the start of the fall 2022 school year

Building design committees

  • Paint Creek 
    • Secure entry design with future planning of cafeteria, STEM classroom
    • Secure entry construction complete fall 2021
  • Stadium Drive 
    • Secure entry design with future planning for STEM classroom and consideration of future site work for traffic flow
    • Secure entry construction complete fall 2021