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Bond technology Bond technology


The Bond Technology updates are the first significant projects in the $160 million, 10-year plan.

  • Middle school and elementary staff is expected to receive teacher laptops in Fall 2020.

  • Student devices will continue to be added at all levels throughout the 10-year bond project.


Below are the first steps, which began in the summer of 2019.

  • Middle school gym/cafeteria audiovisual equipment install
  • Fiber to athletic fields
  • Large classroom TV removal throughout district
  • Network and wireless work
  • New convertible laptops for the LOHS, Learning Options, and Special Education Ancillary staff, replacing teacher desktop computers. The laptops have arrived and are being prepared for the teachers’ return to school in August.
  • LOHS teaching staff will receive a mobile teacher station, replacing large, traditional desks.
  • LOHS staff members will also receive a new stand-to-sit chair to increase classroom mobility and flexibility.

  • A committee is working on a professional development to train LOHS staff on their new laptops and that training will occur in August 2019.

  • New Laptops by location
    • LOHS and middle school science classrooms (16). Laptops currently in science will be updated and moved to English Language Arts classrooms.
    • LOHS and middle school Learning Resource Center special education classrooms (4). 
    • LOHS Learning Center (64)
    • Learning Options core content classroom (16)
    • Each middle school media productions lab (16)
    • Third grade classrooms (16)
    • Pine Tree Center (16)
    • Elementary labs at Blanche Sims, Stadium Drive, Carpenter and Orion Oaks (32 each)