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Elementary Furniture Selections

Elementary furniture

Elementary Pilot Photos

Students with pilot furniture Students with new furniture Students with new furniture New furniture New furniture New furniture


Working to find appropriate modern school furniture to enhance current learning practices.

Four elementary teachers have piloted furniture from January 2020 through June 2021.

Those selections will be implemented in elementary school classrooms across the district in Fall 2021.


  • The furniture selections on this page are some examples of the flexible furniture that has been placed in the pilot classrooms.
  • Media specialists refined the seating within their spaces, incorporating the flexible seating and furniture. Though the spaces are different size in the different schools, the internal pieces (furniture, maker space, books, circulation, soft seating, story time area) will be a common design.
  • Previously, the committee toured schools in other districts to see the application of modern furniture options.
  • Part of the process has included student input and feedback.