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Paint Creek Elementary

Community Presentation (November 19, 2020)

Paint Creek Elementary


A design team is working to create a renovated, secure entry and office area.

The structure of the office, including the rooms within it, will be modernized to fit the adjusted layout.

The construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2021 and conclude in the fall of 2021.

Paint Creek's design team also has a longer-term vision, looking at a smaller renovation of the cafeteria to provide more space and the location of the STEM lab, which will be placed in every elementary school.

Board Bond presentation from November 19, 2020 

(Begins at 31:12)


The design team spent significant time discussing the specifics of the office area, including the details about staff mailboxes and the location of different items.

The casework was part of the conversations.

They also discussed the front area outside of the building, including the façade and appearance of entrance.

The design committee entered the schematic design phase with specific drawings of the building and work areas. (June 17 Update)