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STEM spaces

Students working with LEGOs Teacher with bowl, teaching science


The STEM committee is designing a workspace for every elementary school, focused on the growing areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

This space will be available for use for all teachers and students in that building.

It will feature flexible work stations with an open gathering area.

This space will include sinks and water access for various projects, and is being designed for student collaboration and presentation purposes.

This can also be utilized for teacher professional development.


  • The STEM group discussed the flexibility of the room, especially cabinet and storage space, given that the rooms are used for a variety of grades.
  • The group worked toward more specific details for the room including sinks, whiteboards and technology.
  • The committee's process began by offering components and features it hopes to be located within the space and now is determining how the room is set up to accommodate those plans.