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From the Superintendent: Feb. 25 Calendar Update

February 25, 2019

Dear Lake Orion Community Schools Families:

I wanted to share an update about the district calendar and our necessary adjustments, given the excessive amount of snow days so far.

Currently, the district has called off 11 days for various inclement weather situations.

As I have communicated, each decision came after thorough discussions and on-site evaluation by our operations and transportation staff. The safety of our students and staff remains LOCS’ top priority.

Due to the abundance of canceled days, LOCS faces a challenging calendar. The Michigan Department of Education allows each district to forgive six days of the mandated minimum of 180 each school year.

That leaves LOCS with five days to make up for our students to reach the state-mandated level.

To do that, we are currently planning to have school the full week of June 17-21, the five days following the previously scheduled end of the school year.

(For Carpenter Elementary, which lost two days to building flooding and one to today’s power outage, the final date would come the following week after three additional days for those students, on June 24-26.)

That plan would reach the state requirements. But the final end date of the school year will not be official until a few more criteria are defined over the next few months.

1 – The June 21 (June 26 for Carpenter) date is assuming there are no more cancellations the rest of the year.

2 – The date is also assuming no other days are forgiven by the Michigan Department of Education or by the state legislature.

  • LOCS has submitted a waiver to forgive three more days. Those waivers are evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the MDE so there is no guarantee it will be approved. The district has made a substantial case requesting the days be waived.
  • There are multiple bills being proposed in the state legislature to forgive snow days for public schools across the state. But the timeline and process is undetermined.

As a district, our focus remains to educate our students every day in the most effective way possible. That means having the students in school and learning every day that we can.

Navigating this winter is challenging for our families and our staff and we appreciate your understanding as we try to make the best decisions possible.


Marion Ginopolis, Superintendent