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Legislative Advocacy

Supt. Marion Ginopolis explains advocacyMission

Lake Orion Community Schools is a trendsetting district in the area of legislative advocacy. The district was one of the first on the state to convene a standing group of constituents -- parents, community members, and students -- to lobby legislators on school-related issues.

Superintendent Marion Ginopolis presented on the topic at the 2018 MASA Superintendents' Winter Conference in Kalamazoo.


State of Michigan Elected Officials Contact Information

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Phone: 517-373-3400
Contact Website

Senator Rosemary Bayer

Post Office Box 30036 
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517-373-2417
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Representative John Reilly - 46th District (Oxford, Orion, Oakland (partial), Addison and Brandon Townships)

N-895 House Office Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: (517) 373-0615

Representative Andrea Schroeder - 43rd District (Waterford Township, the city of Lake Angelus, the village of Clarkston city and Independence Township)

Anderson House Office Building
N-892 House Office Building
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone: 517-373-0615


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