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Teacher of the Year

2023-24 LOCS Teachers of the Year


Norman Wright, Orion Oaks Elementary

2024  LOCS Elementary Teacher of the Year -- Orion Oaks


Nick Shaskos, Oakview Middle School

2024 LOCS Middle Level Teacher of the Year  -- Oakview

High School

Michael Steele, Lake Orion High School

2024 Lake Orion High School Teacher of the Year

Building Teachers of the Year

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Robin Ross, Blanche Sims Elementary

women and men smiling

Jackie Moses, Waldon Middle School

men and women smiling

Stacy Giles, Carpenter Elementary

men and women smiling

Carrie Montreuil, Pine Tree Center

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Karen Morrow, Paint Creek Elementary

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Wendy Deutsch, Scripps Middle School

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Melissa Berndt, Webber Elementary

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Katie Sloan, Stadium Drive Elementary

Previous Teachers of the Year