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Winter weather procedures

Snow blower in front of school


Snow Day procedures for the 2023-24 school year

LOCS snow days will follow the traditional path as with previous years, canceling the school day for all students.

Families will be contacted in the traditional manner, via School Messenger email, texts and phone calls. If a family would like to adjust this delivery method, please log in to School Messenger and adjust your settings. The information will also be shared with the local media via the traditional broadcast outlets and posted on the LOCS website and social media channels.

LOCS will make a great effort to call snow days as early as possible when a significant weather event is approaching. The district understands the challenges a late snow day call creates for families and will make every effort to avoid that, if possible.

But there are circumstances when a decision must be made in the morning of a school day and, with safety as the top priority, those situations may arise. The goal every day is to have students in school, safely traveling to and from the buildings.

Parents have the right to make the decision for their own child each day, based on the road conditions in their area. LOCS' primary goal is safety for all students.

Recess/Outdoor weather process

Students will go outside for recess and other school-related events if the windchill is above zero. Please have students dress accordingly.

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