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Emergency Drill Report

Emergency drill

Emergency Drill Report

The State of Michigan mandates that every school conduct a certain number of emergency drills each school year to prepare students and staff in the event of an emergency. Lake Orion Community Schools maintains its records publicly, as linked above.


Building: Lake Orion High School

Year: 2018 -19

Evacuation Drills (Code Green/Fire Drill):

1. Date  9/12/18  Time  11:11 AM Bldg. Clearance Time  11:32 AM

2. Date 10/11/18 Time  12:06 PM Bldg. Clearance Time  12:12 PM

3. Date  11/8/18  Time   1:05  PM Bldg. Clearance Time   1:10 PM

4. Date                Time                  Bldg. Clearance Time

5. Date                Time                  Lunch Period D  Bldg. Clearance Time


Tornado Drills:

1. Date 9/27/18   Time 7:45 AM   Bldg. Clearance Time 7:50 AM

2. Date 3/12/18   Time  1:50 PM  Bldg. Clearance Time 1:54 PM


Lock Down/Shelter in Place (Code Red/Yellow):

1. Date 9/14/18   Time   9:08 AM   Bldg. Clearance Time 9:19 AM - Code Red

2. Date 9/19/18   Time  12:11 PM   Bldg. Clearance Time 12:17 PM - Code Yellow

3. Date 10/10/18 Time  10:23 AM   Bldg. Clearance Time 11:00 AM - Code Yellow


Building Administrator

Stephen D. Hawley 

(Signature and Date)