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College and Career Readiness

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." —Abraham Lincoln

Career Development is a life-process of developing your career skills

  • Develop an active approach to your career future.

  • Conduct a self-assessment of your interests, skills, values, needs and personality. This will be the foundation for you to identify conditions and opportunities that will satisfy you. Reevaluate when necessary.

  • Become familiar with reliable career information. The more you know the more secure you will be!

  • Learn good job-search skills. Build a network of contacts and prepare yourself for changes.

Smith Group Architectural Firm Opportunity for students

For 40 years our Detroit office has run an Exploring Post program that provides high school students with the opportunity to “explore” the architectural and engineering professions while participating in hands-on activities alongside professional architects and engineers within SmithGroup.  Through 14 workshop meetings at our office in the Guardian Building, the Exploring Post enhances the participants’ enthusiasm and passion in their field of interest and encourages the career awareness required for their success as they advance to college.  We have a remarkable program planned for this year and invite interested students to participate. Anyone is free to join at any time within the program year. See our schedule for future workshop dates.

OCC Skilled Trades Programs

Manufacturing Day 2020

Virtual Manufacturing Day


Interested in a field of Manufacturing, or want to see what modern day manufacturing looks like?  Well, feel free to tour these local Oakland County businesses who have invited us in for a virtual Manufacturing Day field trip.  You can see what their facilities look like, as well as the new and exciting technologies used today.