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Dual Enrollment and DEEP

The Dual Enrollment Education Partnership (DEEP) program centers on collaborative partnerships with the University of Michigan-Flint in which our high school students are permitted to enroll in college courses and, in most cases, earn college credit. Credits earned through dual enrollment are included on students’ college transcripts.

The DEEP program allows motivated and qualified students to earn college credit by taking accredited courses through UM-Flint at Clarkston High School, and will be taught on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule each week. Courses are taught during the regular high school academic day, providing students with time to participate in additional classes and after-school activities. DEEP courses generally follow the UM-Flint academic calendar. However, UM-Flint faculty will accommodate Lake Orion's Spring Break. 

Program Qualifications: A selection process and criteria will be developed by the school district in cooperation with UM-Flint.  UM-Flint has established the following general expectations for DEEP program enrollees:

  • An overall grade point average of 3.0+
  • An interest in post-secondary study in the appropriate professional field
  • The ability, maturity and motivation to undertake successfully the rigor and content of college-level coursework
  • A favorable recommendation from the high school principal or counselor addressing the success of the applicant in a college preparatory high school curriculum, including successful completion of 3+ years of HS English with strong writing skills, and other similar characteristics
  • Excellent attendance in high school courses

Cost: The DEEP program will be offered to LOHS students and families at a reduced-tuition rate.  

University Credit: Students who participate in this program will be dual-enrolled in their home high schools and the UM-Flint.  Credit earned will be part of an official UM-Flint transcript.  These credits are applicable to four-year degree programs at UM-Flint and potentially transferable to other institutions.      

Students who intend to transfer these credits to another institution are advised that their intended/preferred transfer institution determines which credits will transfer.  The UM-Flint courses selected for the DEEP program are considered by faculty as desirable because they will:

  • Help students develop a stronger academic foundation in the profession being studied, and
  • Accustom students to the rigors of college-level work.

Program Offerings: 

  • Medical Science (13 College Credits)
  • Humanities (12 College Credits)
  • Liberal Arts (12 College Credits)


*Program courses are subject to change according to UM-Flint discretion. 

Applications are available in the Counseling office, and should be turned in to the  counselor at the time of scheduling.

For more information about the DEEP program and courses available, please visit the University of Michigan-Flint DEEP website.



Rosa Everitt, K-12 CFE Coordinator
248-693-5420, ext 6068

Melissa Bruno, Counselor


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