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Service Learning

Service Learning

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Service Learning is a graduation requirement for all Lake Orion High School students.

This program is the integration of education, service and citizenship into the curriculum. Service learning teaches students how to interact in real life settings using the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom. Providing service to others facilitates the transition from the dependency of childhood to the status of independent, caring adult. Our goal is to help our students to become people who find solutions to problems rather than people who wait for others to respond. Additional information is available in the Career Center.

  • In Order to Walk at Graduation: All Service Hours, along with a completed reflection for each event must be submitted through each student’s x2VOL account no later than the Friday after Spring Break of your Senior Year.

  • In Order to Receive a Diploma, but not walk at graduation: All Service hours along with a completed reflection for each event must be submitted through each student’s x2VOL account no later than the last school day of June, of your senior year.


  • Requirements for Graduation

    Students MUST choose one of the following two options:

    Option 1. Basic Requirement:

    Complete 40 service hours at approved locations or activities throughout your 4 years as a student at Lake Orion High School.

    Submit activity information, contact information and reflection for each volunteer experience through your x2VOL account

    All hours must be verified by a supervisor or coordinator of the activity or event

    Hours will be applied to your account balance once your participation is verified

    **Prorating of Service Hours: Students transferring to Lake Orion High School will have a prorated Service Learning requirement. Students must complete 10 hours for each year (or partial year) that they attend Lake Orion High School.


    Option 2. Research Paper:

    In lieu of completing 40 service hours, a student may elect to complete a research paper. If a student elects this option, a Service Learning Research Request must be submitted prior to the beginning of your senior year.

    Research Paper Requirements

    Topic: Student must choose a topic relating to Service Learning and/or Volunteerism. The specific topic needs to be declared on the Service Learning Research Paper Request and submitted to the LOHS Service Learning Board for approval.

    Length: All research papers must be a minimum of 10 pages of content (no more than 11 full pages) following all MLA requirements.

    Due Dates: Due dates will be established when the Research Paper Request is approved by the Service Learning Board. Due dates for specific items will be written on the request, and a copy of the request will be returned to the student once a decision by the board has been made.  The completed research paper and any additional information requested will have a final due date no later than the Friday following Spring Break of your senior year.


  • Earning Additional High School Credit through Service Learning

    Earning Credit - Optional 
    In addition to the graduation requirement of 40 hours of service, a student may choose to continue to complete additional hours to earn elective high school credit.

    A student may choose to earn ½ elective high school credit by completing 90 hours of service, within a calendar year.  After ½ elective credit is earned, students may choose to complete this cycle one additional time to allow for a total of 1 elective high school credit to be earned. In addition, to be awarded credit, the student must fulfill the following requirements:

    To Earn 1/2 Elective Credit

  • Request to receive credit must be discussed with and approved by the Service Learning Coordinator and your counselor prior to starting the additional hours

  • 90 service hours (All 90 hours must be completed within one calendar year from the date the first service hour is completed).

  • Submit the required activity information and reflection(s) to your x2VOL account for all 90 hours (this can be done as the hours are completed).

  • When all of your hours complete, submit a one page written reflection about your Service Learning experience to be reviewed by the LOHS Service Learning Board. You may be requested to meet with the members of the Service Learning Board if additional information is needed.

  • After all of the above is completed and approved, the counseling office will be notified to award ½ credit for Service Learning to your transcript.

    To Earn additional 1/2 Elective Credit (for a total of 1 Elective Credit)

    Once the initial 1/2 elective credit has been earned, students may apply to earn one additional ½ elective credit.  The process for the additional ½ credit will be the same process as the first ½ credit, with additional hours and an additional written reflection.

    Students may earn a maximum of 1 elective credit throughout their Lake Orion High School career.


  • Ways to Earn Service Learning Hours:

  • Regularly Scheduled Times: Student commits to volunteer a specified number of service hours over a predetermined period of time. For example, every Tuesday from 3:00-5:00 p.m.

  • Special Events: Student makes commitment to volunteer with an organization holding an event to benefit the community, such as a fair for kids, a walk for charity, a blood drive, etc.

  • Classroom-Based Service Projects: A service project linked to the curriculum of a class and completed during class time. Ideas are available from the District Service Learning Coordinator or through individual teachers or class projects.

  • Student-Developed Service Projects: A student-generated idea to help a specific organization or group of people. Each project must have the approval of the Service Learning Coordinator prior to implementation.


  • Do's and Don'ts of Service Learning

    Student's volunteer hours MUST benefit the community, not a business!

  • DO make sure all sites are Non-Profit Organizations or Not for Profit events.

  • DON’T work for a business to earn Service Learning hours.

  • DO volunteer for church groups or nonprofit clubs and organizations.

  • DON’T volunteer for family members. You should help family members all the time!

  • DO help those in need – you may assist senior citizens, disabled individuals, and/or people who have special needs (other than relatives) for Service Learning hours.

  • DON’T work for a company that is a profitable organization and refuse to be paid. This does not count as Service Learning.

  • DO your part – enjoy your experience, help others, meet new people, and grow from your experience.

  • DON’T submit hours you may have done for another organization's requirement (Court Mandated Hours, NHS, Boy Scouts Eagle Badge, etc.) and expect them to count for your requirement – No Double Dipping!

  • DO submit your hours to your x2VOL as soon as possible, preferably the day of the event, but no later than 30 days after the event.

  • DON’T limit yourself to 1 or 2 events or activities. A variety of Service Learning experiences allow you to give back to your community, grow as an individual and have a positive influence on others.

  • DO submit all hours performed, even once the graduation requirement has been met....they will all be part of your permanent record.

  • DON’T stop volunteering just because you have met the requirement. Continue to serve your community and the communities around you!!