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The Lake Orion High School counseling department serves many purposes, from assisting students with their class schedules, to supporting their mental health, helping plan for life after graduation, including college for many students.


Phone 248-693-5640

Fax 248-693-5459

Secretary  Judi Maynard

A-Cot  Christy Bell

Cou-Grz  Melissa Bruno

Gu-Led  Carol Doll

Lee- Pep  Michele Novak

Peq-Sta  Alicia Conner

Ste-Z  Marci Nowaczok


Counseling Records

Phone 248-693-5638

Fax  248-693-5643

Secretary  Kristin Varney

Special Ed  Kari Hays

Special Ed   Heather Rutledge

Psychologist   Jared Wood

Social Worker  Jeremy McCall