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College Planning

Graduation requirements

For the Classes of 2016 - 2020


(19.5 required + 10.5 elective = 30.0 credits.) 

Elective credits allow for each student to customize their program of study.

Check off if completed

  9th 10th 11th 12th
Language Arts ....... 4.5 Credits
Sequence outlined in the Curriculum Handbook -  4.0 Credits
____ ____ ____ ____
Speaking & Listening Elective - 0.5 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
Social Studies ................................... 3.0 Credits        
9th Grade - World History - 1.0 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
10th Grade - US History I/II - 1.0 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
11th Grade - Am Government & Econ -1.0 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____

Mathematics ................................. 4.0 Credits
Sequence outlined in the Curriculum Handbook

All students must have one math-related course
in their senior year.

____ ____ ____ ____

Science ......................................... 3.0 Credits

Optional sequences outlined in Curriculum Handbook

Biology 1.0 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics 1.0 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
Additional Science 1.0 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
Business & Communications Technology....1.5 Credits        
9th Grade - Career Foundations 1.0 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
12th Grade - Personal Finance & 0.5 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
Consumer Economics ____ ____ ____ ____
Physical Education ......................... 1.0 Credit        
9th Grade - Physical Education 0.5 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____
9th Grade - Health 0.5 Credit ____ ____ ____ ____

Visual, Performing, Applied Arts .... 1.0 Credit

* .5 credit is fulfilled by the required
Speaking & Listening elective

____ ____ ____ ____
World Languages ......................... 2.0 Credits
Sequences outlined in the Curriculum Handbook
____ ____ ____ ____
Electives ..................................... 10.5 Credits ____ ____ ____ ____

Service Learning ............................. 40 Hours

See program description in the Curriculum Handbook.

____ ____ ____ ____
Online Learning Experience (fulfilled within required courses)        
Mandatory MME Testing
Students are required to test in all areas of the MME in order to graduate.
Exit Presentation
Students are required to pass a senior exit presentation to graduate.

College planning ladder

Junior/Senior timeline

College Representative Visits & Onsite Admissions

College Representative Visits and On-Site Admissions

College representatives will be scheduled to visit Lake Orion High School in the fall for informational sessions. The procedure is as follows for students wishing to attend informational presentations:

 The dates and times of the college representative visits will be posted on the High School Website under "Counseling" then "College/University Recruiters".

  1. From the sign-up list, students will select / click on the session they are interested in attending and will fill out the corresponding survey.
  2. Students should input a reminder into their personal devices or calendars so they do not miss the opportunities that they are committing to.
  3. On the day of the informational college visit, the students will go to the Career center for a pass to attend the group presentations. Passes may also be picked up the day prior to the scheduled visit (in the afternoon).
  4. Students are responsible for coursework missed while attending the presentation.

Some colleges conduct on-site admissions at the high school. These opportunities are reserved for seniors only. During an on-site admission, a student who has followed the proper procedure has an opportunity to meet with a college representative and get an immediate decision regarding their admission status. During these face to face meetings, students are expected to personally describe their accomplishments and academic success, and have their questions about the colleges answered. The procedure is as follows for on-site admissions:

  1. Only certain institutions offer on-site admissions. If on-site admissions meetings are offered it will be indicated on the sign-up list / survey for that particular college. When completing the survey, students will have the opportunity to request an on-site admissions session (first-come, first serve basis).
  2. Any student who signs up for an on-site interview must also attend the informational session with the same college.
  3. Specific requirements and necessary documents for the on-site admissions process will vary by institution. These requirements will be communicated to students initially with the sign-up survey and via a follow-up email. In general, most colleges will require a completed, hard copy application. Additional items that are usually requested include copies of transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, and an application fee (only checks or money orders will be accepted).
  4. Students should be prepared and dressed “business casual” when meeting with the college representative.
  5. On the day of the on-site college visit, the student must pick up their pass to attend the meeting from the Career Center before school begins.


Michigan College Locator Map

Choosing a School

There are many factors to consider in selecting the right college.

Some of these include:

  • Academic Programs
  • Public vs. Private
  • In-State vs. Out of State
  • Community College vs. 4 year University Cost of Attendance
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Size
  • Location
  • Campus Life (Athletics, Activities, Housing, Food, Dorms...) Graduation and Retention Rates

You need to think about what is important to you. Putting together those factors that matter the most will help you find a school where you will be both happy and successful.

College Comparison Chart

College Visits

Understanding Admission Factors & College Considerations

Understand Admission Factors & What Colleges Consider

The first part of planning for college is understanding the factors colleges consider when looking at a student profile.


Primary Factors

  • Quality / Rigor of Academic Courses INCLUDING senior year

  • Academic Performance / Grades / Rank

  • Test Scores (ACT,SAT,SAT Subject Tests, AP, etc.)

Additional Factors

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Essay(s)

  • Letters of Recommendation(s)

  • Demonstrated Interest

  • What about foreign language?

Other Considerations

  • Positive recommendations from educators and mentors

  • Personal statement and essay(s) demonstrating writing ability and self-expression

  • A "demonstrated interest" that shows your enthusiasm for the colleges to which you're applying

  • Extracurricular activities, including participation in sports, performing/visual arts, volunteering, etc.

  • Community involvement, part-time work or internship

  • Interview (if applicable)

Source: The College Board

College Application Process

Three Ways to Apply to College:

  1. Onsite Interview with a College Admissions Counselor:
    These will take place in September & October. You will need to sign up on Sign up Genius in the Fall.

  2. Apply to the College Online:
    Apply directly online at the college website. Make sure you proofread your application and correct all mistakes before you submit the application.

  3. Submitting a paper application:
    Make sure your application is completed accurately and neatly. Be sure to sign and date your application and attach any application fees in form of check or money order payable to the University or College. Make copies for your records.


*Most colleges want you to send your transcripts electronically (unless you are doing an “Onsite Interview”. You must set up a free Parchment account.

  • To set up a Parchment account that connects to your email for tracking your transcript requests follow the instructions below.
  • Instructions on How to set up an account
  • to create your account


Colleges need your ACT and/or SAT scores. Follow instructions below.

  • Some colleges (U of M, MSU, GVSU) require you to send the scores directly from the ACT/SAT website (there is a fee for this)

  • The links are provided below for your convenience. You will have to log on to your specific account and put in your own request.

  • Other schools will accept a copy of your scores from the high school. Go to your counseling office and complete a transcript request form and we will send your test scores to your chosen college.

NCAA Eligibility

NCAA logo


For Division I or Division II Colleges


For an NAIA college

Contact Mrs. Bell with any questions regarding NCAA eligibility

Determining Final Decision

Financial Aid Information


To Request your Transcripts

Current Students: There is NO CHARGE while you are attending LOHS

There are two ways to get your transcripts

Option 1

Most colleges want your transcripts electronically - to do this, you must set up a Parchment account.
*The only exception to this is for “Onsite Interviews” at LOHS

*This is a FREE account to you and can work with two different e-mails 
** Note: If a college/university site requires a fee please stop in to see your
counselor BEFORE making payments


Option 2

  • Complete this TRANSCRIPT FORM - (attending LOHS students only
  • Stop in your counseling office at the High School give the above form to the Secretary

Graduates / Former Students: *Note there is a $5 Processing Fee

This is a two-step process…

Step 1 

  • Complete this TRANSCRIPT FORM (former student/Graduates)
    (This is REQUIRED to continue with this process.)

For your convenience you may return the form via any of the ways listed below:

  • Fax: 248-693-5643
  • Scan/E-mail: Last name between A-LAS Last name LAT-Z
  • Mail: Lake Orion High School – Transcript Processing
    495 E. Scripps Road
    Lake Orion, MI 48360


Step 2- Payment Options

  • Credit Card – process via PAYSCHOOLS
  • Check- Please make checks out to LOCS (Lake Orion Community Schools)
  • Cash – In person

As soon as we have the completed form from both Step 1 and Step 2
your request will be completed.


If you have any questions, please contact the Counseling Offices

Counseling 1
A – Led
Phone 248-693-5640
Counseling 2
Phone: 248-693-5638


To Request Other Transcripts
Adult Education GED / High School Completion Program

Please choose from the options below:

Call the Learning Options Office at 248-693-5450
Fax request to 248-693-5670
Scan/Email request to

Mail request to:
Learning Options High School
Attn: Secretary
455 East Scripps Road
Lake Orion, MI 48360

College Fair

College Fair - Coming Soon - 2019-2020 Date TBD