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Real Talk

Real Talk


The annual “Real Talk” event is a full-day program that supports students, shifting dangerous peer pressure to positive peer support. Schools from across the state visit every year to see the extraordinary interaction and bring it back to their districts to help their students create a positive environment as well.

The goal: to help eliminate the acceptability of all forms of oppression. The result: the students bring their lessons back to the high school community, empowering the wider student body to combat any issues of violence, teasing, social oppression, racism, harassment, conflict management, suicide, peer pressure, alcohol and drugs.

In the current national high school culture with some students feeling isolated, Lake Orion Community Schools’ mental health support are trendsetters, as students work regularly with each other through the year. “Real Talk” is the most interactive day, with select students taking the day away from their classes to share the experience with community adult facilitators, all volunteers. The program runs on three separate days, each for a different grade level.

In 2018, the program was featured prominently in The Detroit News, the Lake Orion Review and The Oakland Press.