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Scholarship Applications


The currently available scholarship applications are linked on the Scholarships page. The list will continue to be updated though the school year.

2022 LOHS Scholarship opportunities

Local Scholarship Participants

Below are the scholarships available in previous years. Those available this spring will be linked on the 2022 scholarships page as they become available.

  • American Legion 
  • Blanche Sims Elementary
  • Carpenter Elementary 
  • Bert & Isabelle Colbeth
  • Kenley Dabrowski Memorial 
  • General Federation of Women Academic/Arts
  • Janny Hurkman Skincare 
  • Lakes Credit Union 
  • LOCS Board of Education Ambassador
  • LOCS Board of Education Arts & Literature 
  • LOCS Board of Education Voc Tech
  • LOCS Board of Education Outstanding Service 
  • Lake Orion Lions Club
  • Lake Orion Optimist 
  • Lake Orion Police Association 
  • Lake Orion Education Association
  • Lake Orion High School Staff 
  • Lake Orion Secretaries Association 
  • McMahon McDonald’s
  • MEA 
  • Metro Bureau 
  • MI Retailers 
  • MSU Alumni 
  • Oakland Community College
  • Orion Area Chamber of Commerce 
  • Orion Area Parade Group 
  • Oakview Middle School
  • Orion Oaks Elementary 
  • Paint Creek Elementary 
  • Scripps Middle School
  • Stadium Drive Elementary 
  • Waldon Middle School 
  • Webber Elementary