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Scholarship Applications (Spring 2021)

Scholarship Eligibility Amount (No.) Criteria

Blanche Sims Elementary

Senior $500

Attended Blanche Sims at least 3 years, Min 2.5 GPA, continuing education, application

Bert & Isabelle Colbeth Memorial

Senior $20,000 split (varies)

Min 3.0 GPA, financial need, continuing education, essay, letter of rec (2)

Carpenter Elementary

Senior $500

Attended Carpenter for 6 full years, Min 3.0 GPA, continuing education, application

Chuck Mahoney Memorial Science Senior  $2,500 College, Essay, Letter of Recommendation 
David's Faith and Hope Foundation Senior $2500 (male and female, 3 year renewable) Academic excellence, athletic prowess, commitment to community

General Fed of Women – Fine Arts

Senior TBD

Min 3.0 GPA, continue education, financial need, essay

General Fed of Women – Academic

Senior TBD

Min 3.0 GPA, continue education, financial need, essay

Kenley Marie Dabrowski Memorial Senior $1,000 Attended Stadium Drive, undergraduate college/university

LOHS Baseball Kevin Spencer

Senior Varies

Participated in LO Youth Baseball – past or present, App, essay

LOCS Board of Education Ambassador

Senior $750

Min 3.5 GPA, Continued Education, Essay, Resume, Extra curricular activities, community service

LOCS Board of Education Outstanding Service

Senior $750

Min 2.2 GPA, Continued Education, Essay, Resume, Extra curricular activities, community service

LOCS Board of Education Arts & Literature

Senior $500

Min 2.2 GPA, Continued Education, Essay, Resume, Involved in Art, drama, music, dance or lit program

LOCS Board of Education Vocational/Tech

Senior $500

Min 2.2 GPA, Continued Education, Essay, Resume, Outstanding achievement in Voc or Tech Program 

LOCS Board of Education Learning Options Ambassador Senior $500 Continued Education, Essay, Resume, Enrolled in Learning Options for two years

Lake Orion Education Association

Senior $500

Min 3.0 GPA, going into the field of education, application and essay

LOHS Staff

Senior $500 (varies)

Min 2.0 GPA, Essay

Lake Orion Education Foundation Senior $1,000 Three years in LOCS, Essay, Resume highlighting volunteer experience/activities
Lake Orion Lioness Senior $250 Female, 3.0 GPA, community service requirements, attend a Michigan college or Michigan trade school

Lake Orion Lions Club

Senior $1,000 (2)

Min 2.5 GPA, 500 word essay on importance of community service

Lem Tucker Senior Full tuition, room and board 3.0 GPA, 940 SAT/18 ACT, Central Michigan freshman 2021

LOCS Secretaries Association

Senior TBD

Essay on educational and career goals, Resume

Michigan State University Alumni Senior $2000 Academic background, test scores, favorable recommendation 

Mike Collison "Living the Dream" Memorial

Senior $500

2 Letters of Rec, Min 2.5 GPA, attended Carpenter Elementary, essay

North Oakland Community Coalition Senior $500 (2)

Special consideration to students who participated in substance prevention activities sponsored by the NOCC

OCC Chancellors

Senior $3,500

Attending OCC, Min 3.6 GPA, ACT 25/SAT 1200

Oakview Middle School

Senior Varies

Attended Oakview Middle School, at least 2 yrs, letters of rec, application

Orion Oaks Elementary

Senior $500

Attended Orion Oaks from grades 3-5, continuing education, essay, application

Paint Creek Elementary

Senior $500

Attended Paint Creek, Letter of rec, essay

Rosa Parks  Senior $2000 Scholarship, leadership, dedicated to civil rights principles
Ryan Fischer Senior $4000 Plays MHSAA ice hockey and another sport, minimum 3.5 GPA

Scripps Middle School

Senior Varies

Attended Scripps Middle School, Min 3.0 GPA, letter/essay

SET SEG Senior $500  Michigan resident, Enrolled in CTE, attending 2-year college, technical school or technical program

Society of Women Engineers

Senior Female Varies

High School Women excel in Leadership, academics, community service, pursue degree in engineering

Stadium Drive Elementary

Senior $500 (2)

Attended Stadium Drive Min 3 years, Cover letter, 3 letters of Rec.

Waldon Middle School Alumni

Senior Varies

Min 2.5 GPA, attended Waldon for at least 2 full years, continuing education, application, essay

Webber Elementary PTO

Senior $500

Attended Webber 3 years, Min 3.0 GPA, Application, Essay