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SOS Program

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The SOS Wheel demonstrates the various areas in our lives that we can turn to when in need of extra strength or support. These are the areas that empower us; these are our Sources of Strength.

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SOS Training


The mission of Sources of Strength is to break down barriers and stigmas surrounding mental health issues by increasing well-being, help-seeking, resiliency, healthy coping, and belonging.

Lake Orion Community Schools has initiated a promising and innovative program to spread hope, health, and strength into every corner of our community. Based on a desire to help their peers, more than 120 student volunteers have now been empowered as part of the SOS team. As peer leaders, students act as connectors, supporters, and advocates through student-led campaigns. These campaigns are homeroom lessons are designed to encourage others to utilize their strengths in hard times.

The SOS team is trained with adult advisors, including the high school teachers and social workers. The goal of the training is to promote a strength-based and upstream approach to mental health awareness.

It is important to note that the role of the peer leaders is not to act as a counselor or to evaluate whether a person is in crisis; rather their role is to inform a school counselor or administrator who can follow up with the student in need.

For further information about the SOS program, contact program advisor Kelsey Fisher (