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GAP/Extra-Curricular Groups

Weekly Schedule (next update will be in September 2019)

Register for GAP clubs with Mr. Kimball or online with the links below


View twitter feed below to see what is going on after school. Scroll down to the bottom of web page to find each individual club with description. Students please fill out GAP club form below and return to (Mr. Kimball's room) or main office. Use PaySchools link below to pay online. 


GAP Clubs Information

You will need to fill out the form and pay the GAP fee in order to participate in all GAP clubs. Students are eligible for all clubs after they pay for one. THIS IS ONLY FOR GAP CLUBS

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Please scroll down to see the GAP Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities offered by the High School.

GAP Clubs

Anime/Cartoon Club

Description: Group gets together to draw anime cartoons, watch videos and socialize.

Advisor: Monica Cotton

Stacey Feeney


Description: Check dates with CERC, weather permitting, for Beginner and Advanced Archers. Must use club bows.





Description: A club for girls that is devoted to empowering girls and bringing girls together to help each other and the community. We organize events that empower girls and promote girl power. This is an all-girls club. Service based club.



Vicky Stringer


Dragon MD

Description: Future medical professionals.


Karen Wampuszyc


Description: Students gather to play old school video games, explore coding,and has an emphasis on Nintendo Wii U Super Smash Brothers and Wii Sports games.


Advisor: Nicholas Schultz

Generation of Promise

Description: The Promise Program is a cross-school district, multi-cultural, urban/suburban student leadership development program. Participating students meet initially at a weekend retreat in the metropolitan are to focus on leadership, education, volunteerism, racial/cultural diversity, economic development, and youth leadership issues.

Advisor: Michelle Novak

Hidden Histories Club

To discuss anything and everything to do with history and how it affects the world today. 


History Club

To discuss anything and everything to do with history and how it affects the world today.


IBIP stands for International Business Internship Program. It’s run by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C., called Leadership Initiatives. The team of 3-7 people would be partnered with a small business owner in Nigeria and do a monthly fundraiser, in which all proceeds go to that small business owner to help them and their employees get training in their fields. The team would also have weekly assignments and one weekly meeting with our Nigerian partner and/or the Executive Director of Leadership Initiatives, Marshall Bailly, via Skype

Adviser: Roslyn Helberg



Location: Meets at the "A Bean To Go" coffee shop in Downtown Lake Orion.

Time: Wednesday afternoon

Advisor: Vicky Stringer

LO Steppers

Model UN

Is a group who emulates the United Nations meetings and argues problems/policies/topics that the real UN would argue.

Adviser: Wendy Beackeroot


Mountain Bike Club Race Team

Description: A district-wide mountain bike race team open to elementary, middle, and high school students.  This club will meet after the school year, in June, a couple of days a week, through the summer to train for the upcoming 2017 summer/fall mountain bike race season. This team will race in sanctioned scholastic mountain bike races against other elementary, middle and high school students. The races are put on by the Michigan Interscholastic Cycling Association (MISCA). Visit their website at for more information on student racing and rules.



Nicholas Shaskos

Jenn Carlson

(High School Rep)

Military History

Description: The study of military history.


Advisor: Wendy Baeckeroot

Mock Trial

Law club that involves real life courtroom experience.


David Gaskey:

Christine Moore:

Muslim Student Association (Student Led, Student Initiated)

Description: Student-initiated club. A club that strives to facilitate networking, educating, and empowering the students of today to be citizens of tomorrow’s community. We organize events in order to share information and unite students within Lake Orion High School. The club is open to everyone. Service based club.



OWLs Club

Organization of Women Leaders: Unite women leaders at LOHS, and in the Lake Orion community, through service, academic, and social opportunities to emphasize women’s role in leadership.

Adviser: Stephanie Orth


Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club: Aims to use philosophy to discuss relevant issues


Project 7

Description: The focus of this club is to unlock faith, unleash truth and serve others. Meets Wednesdays after school in Room 206.

Advisor: Caitlin Genord

Project Manhood

We, the men of Project Manhood, will strive to instill manhood characteristics in our teenage males. Responsibility, Respect, Uplift, Self-Development, and Manhood are the pillars of our organization. Our members will enter as boys and depart as young men




Rainbow Club

Description: Student-initiated club that works toward greater acceptance and inclusiveness for all students. The club goals are to reduce anti-LBGTQ violence, harassment, and discrimination by educating the school and community about LBGTQ issues and by creating a greater degree of understanding.


Advisor: Vicky Stringer

SASA-Students Against Substance Abuse

Description: (SASA) is a group of dynamic and diverse high school students in Lake Orion who volunteer their time and talents to support the North Oakland Community Coalition's (NOCC) prevention of underage substance use and abuse.


Tonya Hamilton


Jill Mccollum

Scale Model

scale model is a representation or copy of an object that is larger or smaller than the actual size of the object being represented. Very often the scale model is smaller than the original and used as a guide to making the object in full size. example: building airplanes.

Adviser: Sam Rimi



Writing Club

Adviser: Josh Hosler

Tabletop and Magic the Gathering Games

Description: This club is a place where kids young and grown can meet once a week and engage each other in conversation and competition through Magic: The Gathering game and other strategy-based tabletop/board games from a collection. Participants are encouraged to discuss the games and have fun with others.


Kevin Crowther and Steve Tighe,

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ultimate frisbee, is a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc





Description: We are looking for students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade to lead and mentor 8th grade students. Wednesday from 2:45-5 p.m. beginning Jan. 10 - April 25



Amber Kish

Young Republicans

All different politics.


Extra-Curricular Activities


Description: Membership is open to students who have an interest in art. This is an open studio time for the Art classes and any other LO students. Many of the activities are community service art activities. We also go on many art related field trips to expose students to art careers, galleries, museums, and community art events.



Melissa Wilson

Art National Honor Society

Description: This is an option for art club members that want to make a serious commitment to weekly attendance and to the community service component of the club. These students put on a fall dinner auction and spring art auction that coincides with the school art show yearly. For additional questions or information please e-mail



Melissa Wilson


Details: Visit the LOHS Athletics page.


Athletic Director: Chris Bell,


Description: The purpose is to serve as an extension of the Television Production Workshop and Video Projects classes.  Students spend time furthering their shooting & editing skills, producing programs, and working on the crew of sports and theater broadcasts/live-streams.



Roger Smith

Business Professionals

Description: This group is a leading career technical student organization for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology, and other related career fields. Students learn leadership skills and compete in business related events at the regional, state, and national levels.



Jennifer Ohlrich

Cultural Outreach

Description: This club is composed of students who have a passion and interest in incorporating diversity into the Lake Orion Schools. The group meets weekly to plan activities to promote sensitivity, understanding, and positive communications among all groups and individuals. Past activities include: Community-wide Culture Night, working with North Oakland Community Coalition to create a Cultural Competency Statement, Culture Awareness Week, and many more. 



Michelle Cureton


Description: Distributive Education Clubs of America is the professional level organization for students studying marketing education. D.E.C.A. is a co-curricular club that provides students with the opportunity to compete at District, state and national levels in various marketing related fields. Leadership training, social events, fundraising projects, conventions and scholarships are all part of this national organization. Membership is encouraged for all students enrolled in Marketing Concepts and required for enrollment in Marketing Management.



Julia Dalrymple


Description: The Economics club brings together highly motivated students to discuss economic issues and trends. 



Don Mclaughlin

First Robotics Team 302

Description: Robotics activities provide team members with the opportunity to work with teachers, engineers, machine/automation experts, alumni, and parents. The robotics team participates each year in a number of regional events as well as the prestigious national robotics competition held by FIRST.  Participating students must demonstrate a high level of motivation and commitment as project time-line demands are rigorous (January-April). Membership is through an application and interview process in September.



Sharon Spencer 

Rosa Everitt


Description: Students interested in expressing themselves through dramatic interpretation or public address/public speaking should enjoy competing in Lake Orion High School Forensics. Students will participate in competitions in both leagues and tournaments that are held either after school or on weekends. Season runs January - May. The final tournament is held on Mackinac Island 


Advisor: Gabriel Whiteley

Future Educators

Description: Formerly FEA, Educators Rising is an international student organization dedicated to supporting young people interested in education-related careers. Educators Rising helps its members develop essential skills that will lead to becoming highly trained and qualified teachers. Members will have many opportunities to discuss current education related topics, explore teaching as a career, listen and interact with guest speakers, practice their leadership skills, and participate in service projects. Members may also have the opportunity to network with professionals from the education field, attend professional development conferences, and compete in national competitions. 



German Club

Key Club

Description: Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.  Key Club is a great opportunity to help others, have fun, and get involved. 



Jennifer Ries


Description: The student governing body of Lake Orion High School is the Student Leadership class. It promotes the welfare of the student body, improves relations between students and faculty, does community projects, and helps establish better relations among schools. Students enter the class by application. Members represent students within their grade levels. Student Leadership members meet daily in a regular class called "Leadership." The class sponsors various activities and coordinates the projects and activities of the other student organizations.



Lora Hogan

Amy Redman


Description: An auditioned acapella choir that sings modern pop tunes and vocal jazz. The group meets on Wednesday afternoons and has a performance in October and in December. Any student registered in a curricular choir is welcome to audition for this group. Meets during terms 1 and 2.


Advisor: open


Marching Band

Description: LOMB a co-curricular activity with a competition marching band as well as a marching band to perform for football games and parades.  Summer rehearsals are required and students must be registered for the marching band class and also register with the band boosters in order to participate.  Color Guard, Winter Guard, and Winter Percussion/Drum Line are part of the LO Marching Band.


Advisor: Michael Steele

National Honor Society

Description: Organization designed to help schools, business, non-profit, individuals, and organizations.  Must be a Junior or Senior with a 3.5 GPA to apply. 


Advisor: Michelle Cureton

National Math Honor Society (Mu Alpha Theta)



Stephen Bodiya and Lucy Logsdon


RHO Kappa

Description: National Honor Society for the Social Studies.  Students will be bringing awareness to social studies topics through school and community projects and volunteer work.



Wendy Baeckeroot

OCCRA Robotics Team 302

The Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association is a full-contact robotics competition, where participants build and control 120 pound robogladiators to place balls or achieve other goals while opponents stop them. OCCRA generates enthusiasm for technical and academic disciplines such as design, engineering, physics and electronics, providing recognition and encouragement for students who devote their energies to these areas of studies. OCCRA participants not only learn practical applicable knowledge, but also the skills of working collaboratively in groups, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and quick thinking on their feet. OCCRA robots are entirely student designed and built. The rules of the competition will allow for and encourage corporation partnerships but will not allow precise machining or processes that cannot be carried out in the schools. Membership is through an application and interview process.





Science National Honor Society

Description: Students can volunteer to be student mentors. To be eligible, students must be in good standing academically and free of student discipline issues. Students must fill out an application and attend training sessions. Mentors are used to help freshmen and transfer students get acclimated to Lake Orion High School. 



Stephen Tighe


Description: Held at Pine Knob, weather permitting



Jody Winkleman

SOS: Students Offering Support

Description: Students can volunteer to be student mentors. To be eligible, students must be in good standing academically and free of student discipline issues. Students must fill out an application and attend training sessions. Mentors are used to help freshmen and transfer students get acclimated to Lake Orion High School



Michele Novak
 Amy Redman

Spanish Club

Spanish club is a place where students can further enhance both their fluency in the Spanish language and their understanding of Spanish speaking cultures from all over the world. In addition, helping our community and others aroud the world.


Some activities we would do are helping Spanish speaking people and communities near us,

  • The Pulsera project and other fundraising opportunities, field trips, trying Spanish foods, jalapeño eating contest, possibly learning different dances, and celebrating Spanish holidays.  

Advisor: open


Special Olympics

Description: Special Olympics in Lake Orion Community Schools are for any student with a developmental disability ages 8+. Nine sports are offered at this time. The fall sports are bowling, soccer and poly hockey. The winter sports are snowshoe, basketball and swimming. The spring sports are track and field, soccer and bocce ball. The first step is to have a health appraisal on file through Christy Girvan-Bierl at the high school. These are active for three years and the athletes can participate in any sport they are interested in. 


Advisor: Cheryl McGran


Thespian Society (Drama)

Description: The aim of the Drama Club/Thespians is to provide experience in dramatics and will include such things as play production, choral reading, and attending dramatic productions in the area. Students receive points for participation and may qualify for Thespian membership and awards.



Jonathan Kind

Una Choir

Description: An auditioned choir that sings a variety of advanced repertoire.  The group meets on Wednesday mornings and briefly after school on Fridays. Una performs at Choral festivals, S&E, and the Spring Choir Concert in May.  Any student registered in a curricular band or choir is welcome to audition.  Meets during terms 3 and 4.



Bryce Thompson

Winter Guard

Description: An extra-curricular extension of the Marching Band program where members prepare a competitive indoor color guard show for competition.  Runs between December and April.  Members are encouraged to be, but are not required to be part of the band program, either in marching band or in one of the LOHS concert bands, in order to participate.



Michael Steele

Winter Percussion

Description: An extra-curricular extension of the Marching Band program where members prepare a competitive indoor percussion show for competition.  Runs between December and April.  Members must be part of the band program, either in Marching Band or in one of the LOHS concert bands, in order to participate.



Michael Steele

Women in STEM

Description: Women in STEM is a club that provides information to girls in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. The club organizes presentations with women in those current fields to come in and discuss their job and what requirements are needed for their position. They also discuss what types of internships, classes, degrees or other activities helped them pursue their career. As women, the presenters also discuss how they balance being a working mom and what they did/ or do to balance both jobs. 



April Dobbs