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National Honor Society

Nationl Honor Society

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I.  Scholastic records will be reviewed to determine those persons scholastically eligible for membership by maintaining at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average. Beginning with the class of 2022 and all other future graduating classes, only students with a cumulative grade point of 3.75 and higher will be invited to complete a Candidate Form for membership consideration for the Lake Orion High School Chapter of the National Honor Society.

II. Students interested in submitting a candidate form may attend an informational meeting conducted by the adviser in order to explain the admittance process and if they are unable to attend, a PowerPoint with the meeting notes will be posted online.  The meeting date, time, and place will be in the invitation letter and will take place during the summer.

III. Scholastically eligible students will be notified and informed that for further consideration for selection to NHS, they must complete the Candidate Form.

IV. The faculty will receive the NHS Candidate Feedback Form and will return completed forms to the NHS Adviser. It is the student’s responsibility to give faculty members the Candidate Feedback Form in a reasonable amount of time in order to give faculty members the opportunity to complete the form in a timely manner.

V. The Faculty Council (five teachers selected by the principal to select NHS members) will meet to review Candidate Forms and Candidate Feedback Forms and will award membership, based on the following general guidelines:

1. Service: Eligible students will have completed at least two separate examples of sufficient community service after middle school with a combined total of at least 20 service hours.

2. Character: Eligible students will have no evidence of behavior suggesting a lack of good character or judgement shown by school documents, anecdotal information from staff, or public records.

3. Activities: Eligible students will have completed all portions of the Student Activity Portion for Leadership and Service examples honestly and without exaggerating.

The eligible student will demonstrate at least TWO strong examples of Service and at least TWO strong examples of Leadership. Students will actively participate in at least two extracurricular activities (non-paid) from at least TWO different categories from a menu presented in the candidate form. Students will write an explanation of how their participation in these activities demonstrate leadership that positively affects others; students should demonstrate   active leadership beyond simple participation.

4. Feedback: Eligible students’ Candidate Form will include FOUR Candidate Feedback Forms. THREE must be faculty (teachers) whom students had as a teacher at the high school (no evaluations from middle or elementary teachers) and ONE may be an adviser, coach, etc. affiliated with Lake Orion Community Schools, but it is acceptable that all four are faculty (teacher) evaluations. If a feedback form is missing, the Faculty Council will seek out the faculty member in question to get necessary feedback.  Eligible students’ comments and ratings on the NHS Candidate Feedback forms from the staff will indicate a pattern of behavior consistent with NHS membership criteria.

5. The Faculty Council, to the satisfaction of its members, will research information that is detrimental to the consideration of a candidate.

6. Candidates receiving a majority of favorable votes of the faculty council will be awarded membership based upon the overall quality of the Candidate Form.

7. Academic Misconduct: Candidates who have received a disciplinary action (including detention, suspension, referral, "zero," grade reduction, mandatory redo, etc.) for misconduct including academic misconduct (cheating, plagiarism, etc.) in high school must include a written statement. The explanation of what needs to be demonstrated in the statement is carefully explained in the appropriate portion in this Candidate Form.  

VI.  Notifications: All candidates who sought NHS membership will be notified of their membership status via hand delivered letter and invited to attend the annual induction ceremony. Candidates who have been denied membership will be notified, in writing, of the general reason for denial.

VII. Students who have been denied membership have TWO school days, from the date of notification of denial, to schedule a meeting with the adviser to discuss the Faculty Council’s decision according to the following process:

1. Students will contact the adviser, who will explain the denial to the student and after a student meeting with the adviser; the student may request the principal review the selection process.

2. If the principal makes the decision to review the Candidate Form, upon review, the principal may decide:

a) There was substantial technical or procedural errors in the selection process that caused unfair denial, he/she may ask the Faculty Council to reconsider their decision

b) If the principal finds no substantial errors in the selection process, the original decision will stand.

Lake Orion High School chapterNHS2019-20 NHS Officers

President: Adam Tisch

Vice President: Teddy Hirschfield

Secretary: Allison Romanski

Treasurer: Katelyn Darbyshire

Historian: Tamara Orduna

Social Media: Chair Alexis Ruwart



For a list of tutors for the 2019-20 School Year, please contact Mrs. Cureton via email.