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Lake Orion 360 (LO360) information

Lake Orion High School is proud to continue its continued partnership with North Oakland Community Coalition using the program “LO360” which is utilized to educate students on a number of socio-emotional, character, health, and safety-oriented topics using online interactive learning. 

LO360 uses digital resources and online learning to “address critical wellness and success issues, as well as restorative justice challenges that students, parents, and educators face every day,” according to LO360’s developer, Evolution Labs ( The L0360 program can be used to educate Lake Orion High School students on topics such as substance abuse prevention, self-harm awareness, or bullying.  Students who violate the LOHS student code of conduct may be assigned specific learning modules that help address the student’s behavior or actions.

More information on LO360 is available at the Evolution Labs websiteLO360 is made possible due to funding by the North Oakland Community Coalition.

LOHS STUDENTS can access Lake Orion 360 through their LOCS Office 365 accounts.  Search for the "Clever" app, which then grants single sign-in access to LO360. More detailed student login instructions are available at the following link:  LO360LoginCleverinstructions.pdf


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