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Student Parking

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Parking Pass Application 

Please follow the process below to obtain a parking permit for the 2023-24 school year:

  1. Print and complete the parking pass application.  Bring this completed application form, your driver’s license and car registration to your scheduled Photo/Schedule Pick-Up Day in late August.
  2. Prior to receiving a parking permit, all students must complete the following LO360 module on safe driving.
  3. Payment for the parking pass/permit can be submitted through the LOCS PaySchools Central portal.  If preferred, payment can be made (check or cash only) during Photo/Schedule Pick-Up Day.  Parking permits are $70 for all students.
  4. Permits will be distributed during Photo/Schedule Pick-Up Days or during the first week of school.

Please note:  Student parking permits are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  A limited number of permits are available.  Passes can be obtained during the August student registration week noted above or at any time throughout the school year through the main office.  All student vehicles must have a parking permit to park in the LOHS parking lots during school hours (7 a.m. -3 p.m.).  Student cars are subject to the LOCS Search and Seizure policy, and students should not bring any objects or substances to school that violate the law or the LOHS Student Code of Conduct.

Parking rules

Driving a vehicle to school comes with additional responsibilities.  We share a campus with elementary and middle school students.

1. Loss/Theft:  LOCS is not responsible for damages or loss/theft of the automobile or its contents. 

2. Refunds:  There are no refunds, including for revoked privileges, moving, or change in free/reduced lunch status.

3. Transfers:  Students who transfer out of LOHS must turn in their parking pass.

4. Search and Seizure:  All vehicles and student property is subject to the LOCS Search and Seizure policy.

5. Replacement Fee:  Lost or stolen passes must be reported immediately.  After 5 days, there is a $25 replacement fee for passes.

6. Siblings: Siblings are permitted to purchase one pass per vehicle driven to school. Two vehicles require two passes.

7. Other: Administration reserves the right to revoke parking privileges for any student for any reason, including excessive discipline issues, poor attendance, or academic performance.

LOHS Parking Contract Violations